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Nido is knoNidown for quality training and placements of carers in South Africa.

It is always best to contact the national offices in Cape Town to try get assistance and help with a query, but most if not all of the complaints on the internet is from students that did not cope with the training programme for 12 months, or did not finish to pay their training fees, and then claim to have completed the course. There are so little real complaints and never would they put their names on, because they know the company will be able to give a full report on the reason why, and this will be embarressing for the student.

Nido is more concerned about their students and the opportunities to work afterwards and if one or two students complain out of 400 students a year national, then it should tell the potential students interested that there must have been concerns about the students. Please contact the Nido Nursing Head Office on (021) 8305830 for any queries and concerns, this is the correct Nido Offices.

I liked: Quailty training and placements into jobs afterwards.

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I thought I was the only one who never received my certificate until reading all the reviews

I completed my course in Cape Town 2006, paid the full cost, completed my Theory and my hours. I passed and was given work after by Nido.

We were told that we would be called in for our certificates but that never happened, I've tried numerous of times over the years to call and send emails but to no avail.

I've recently sent another email and was given Gezel's number and I contacted her and explained my situation that I've never received my certificate, I was never contacted to come and collect it and the numerous times I've called their Cape Town office I was told that they did not have my certificate and there's nothing they can do

And as I continued talking to Gezel she then recognised who I was and knew exactly that I was a former student and that they have also given me work after completion of my course but then continue to inform me that I had to pay more money as the course has changed thus completely disregarding the fact that they failed to provide me with my certificate when I completed the course

And also continued to say that I had to provide log books etc in order to decide if they can offer me a reunification but it would cost me R3500.

That would all made sense to me if I had not completed my course or failed to pay and now suddenly want my certificate. And was told that certificates for the course I did and the year has expired But I never received one to begin with I do understand that courses are always being updated, i'm very much aware of the fact that in all courses around the world that things are always changing and courses are done differently, better and improving cause the are better ways of doing things being discovered all the time I'm not even looking to work at this point as I'm raising my child but I still want to have my certificate cause it's mine. It my pride and joy cause I enjoyed doing the course, I passed and worked after...that's an achievement but I have nothing to show for it. I paid and worked had to get my certificate I should not have to fight to get a certificate that is promised upon successfully completing a course When I first started the course I had no money I was skinned and had to scrape up little bits just so I could do this, it's the first course I did after high school which meant a lot cause where I came most did not even finish school.

I'm now at a point in my life where I don't have to work cause I've worked hard A certificate is not just some paper even if we don't use it it's important to have it cause it's an achievement and it's a story about ones life Just stories I can tell but no certificate to say I did this course...it's very sad and unfair...

This is something I loved and was so passionate about and would at some point get back into cause I love caring for people in need and would not have a problem being charged for training cause things have changed and I would need to catchup but that does not mean that I should just forget about my certificate my accomplishment only because Nido does not honour their part to their students who successfully completed their course What Nido is doing is so sad and so wrong on many levels...it really is. And it hurts People's money, hard work, time and sacrifice just down the drain just like that it's not right Upon completion of the course Nido needs to make sure everyone gets their certificate and thir don't come to collect it them get hold of the students to inform them their certificates are ready or at least be in possession of the students certificates instead of having students call numerous of times that there is no certificate at the office and to call again until years pass and still same answer and finally when there's a bit of hope that one might get their certificate but then get told they have to pay R3500 for a certificate that Nido failed to provide from the beginning

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